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Electric Circuit Theroy II / I

EE 501 
Lecture  :  3  
Tutorial  :  1  
Practical  :  1.5 
Course Objectives:
To  continue  work  in  Basic  Electrical    Engineering    including  the  use  of  the
Laplace  Transform  to  determine  the  time  and  frequency  domain  responses  of
electric circuits.
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Digital Logic II / I

EX 502 

Course Objective:
To  introduce  basic  principles  of  digital  logic  design,  its  implementation  and

1.1. Definitions for Digital Signals
1.2. Digital Waveforms
1.3. Digital Logic
1.4. Moving and Storing Digital Information
1.5. Digital Operations
1.6. Digital Computer
1.7. Digital Integrated Circuits
1.8. Digital IC Signal Levels
1.9. Clock wave form
1.10. Coding
1.10.1. ASCII Code
1.10.2. BCD
1.10.3. The Excess – 3 Code
1.10.4. The Gray Code  (3 hours)
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Project Blogging - the idea

"There is nothing mysterious about the effective, high- powered programming techniques used by expert programmers. In the day-to-day rush of grinding out the latest project, however, few experts take the time to share what they have learned. Consequently, programmers may have difficulty finding a good source of programming information" - from Code Complete, by Steven C. McConnell

This applies to "Project blogging" too and equally to every profession that exists on the globe. That's why the saying "Sharing is caring!"


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